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At RPH, we understand the confusing terminology and multitude of financial products that can easily shift an individual off their long-term financial objectives. As guided missiles require guidance systems to remain on target, so too, do we need guidance in order to achieve our financial goals. Establishing a relationship with a financial planner who is client-centered vs. product-centered, working collaboratively on your Individualized Life Plan (ILP) is the key element to remaining on target.

What's the first step?

The first step, in order to build a relationship with RPH’s team and for us to help you get on track to where you want to go and who you want to be, is for us to create a financial plan.  

This plan involves information gathering on both, quantitative and qualitative bases. We provide inquiry based assessment of our clients’ internal and external assets. This helps provide us with the information needed to help them actualize on their financial and life goals. Life isn’t about a magic number or just about money; it’s about being able to balance one’s internal and external assets to life a life reflective of who they truly are.

Our Services & Fees

We at RPH continually define the scope of our client relationships by identifying client priorities and clearly establishing specific desired outcomes for each client throughout the planning process in areas such as:

  • Developing Individualized Life Plans (ILP)
  • Tax planning and tax reduction strategies
  • Education planning and funding
  • Employee benefits analysis
  • Analysis and recommendations on employment contracts
  • Career coaching
  • Investment analysis and asset allocation planning (i.e., strategic and/or tactical)
  • Retirement planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Estate planning
  • Special needs planning (planning for handicapped children, elder care, funding extensive hobbies, or major purchases)
  • Strategies for creating cash flow for retirees
  • Divesting strategies of highly concentrated employer stock
  • Charitable donation planning
  • Financial and family legacy planning
  • Mortgages, financing and leasing strategies

By constructively framing observations with client feedback, we implement an Individualized Life Plan (ILP) and provide a benchmark for measured financial success and enhanced self awareness.

RPH Financial Services, Inc. strives to provide a high level of professional financial planning services while simultaneously working with our clients in creating a collaborative partnership designed for the intentional purpose of accountability in helping them towards their desired quality of life.

Interested in delving further?

Much of life is about negotiating the natural transitions of living: becoming an independent adult, sharing your life with a partner, expanding family, building external assets (savings accounts, a home, cars, boats, retirement portfolios, stock option plans, collectibles, etc.), aging and creating legacies. 

Beyond the tangible elements of a financial plan, many clients strive to define and develop a clearer sense of self and their true motivations and obstacles to achieving true balance between the external demands of living and their own dreams and preferences. For those clients interested in delving further, RPH provides life planning services to include elements of a Unified Wellness Platform. This will integrate elements of their physical, emotional and financial lives. This relationship would be in additional to our previous arrangement with our clients for an additional fee.

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